Summer is synonymous for vivacious and cheery makeup that isn’t too heavy. Get your summer dresses and your shades out for a summery look, enhanced with light breezy makeup! Look your best with makeup that spells grace and elegance. Follow these tips and pull off the perfect summer look that suits best for Indian summers.

Keep it light

Choose a mild palette. Doesn’t mean you have to keep away from your favorite shades. If you like going with bold and bright colors like blue and green, pick the lighter shade. It is all about moderation. Keep your makeup from becoming too cakey and you are all set to rock the look you wish to attain with ease!

Use primer for your makeup

Any ardent makeup lover would know the importance of primer during summer. If you don’t, here’s why it is the most essential part of your makeup. Right after you apply your moisturizer on a clean face, you must apply a bit of primer so that your makeup is sealed and in place for hours. Busy days will no longer mean you will have to have numerous touchups.

Keep away from anything that can turn runny

Any makeup product that can be smudged or that cannot stand the summer sweat has to remain on the shelves! Choose products that are cream-based. Powder-based products tend to turn a bit runny with sweat and skin oil. Some products cannot help even with primer. So switch to cream-based products for the summer.

Enjoy summer in all its glory but don’t forget to look picture perfect for your camera-worthy moments!

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