Facial hair is unsightly and most of us go out of our way to remove them. A smooth hairless face is difficult to achieve and peach fuzz is a common feature among women. Facial hair prevents the makeup from having a smooth even finish. It takes heavy products to conceal said hair and makeup artists have a difficult time while applying makeup. Removing facial hair is a painful process but with the right steps, you can ensure your skin becomes flawless.

Waxing and threading are preferred methods of facial hair removal than taking a razor to it. Razors can blunt the edge of the hair making them after growth feel more visible and coarse. Thus we shall peruse the proper steps to waxing in this article.

Make sure your face is cleaned of all makeup or products. Place a warm heated towel over the face for a few minutes to open up your pores and make the hair more pliable. Check with a tissue paper to see if your face is completely clean.

Dust some powder preferably baby powder over the area you are going to wax.

Though there are fancy honey waxes, cream-based waxes are compatible with most skin types and are less sticky. Invest in a good wax warmer or simply use the double boiling method to melt it to the right consistency. It should be creamy and easy to apply without dripping off the face.

Apply with an applicator or a popsicle stick will do. They need to be clean to avoid any contamination of the skin. Apply the right amount of wax to cover the area without dabbing it in thick swatches.

The wax must always be applied in the direction of hair growth. This step is essential in ensuring the most efficient and relatively painless way of removing hair.

Place the waxing strip over the waxed area, again in the direction of the hair growth.

Once it has cooled off, place your palm over the strip, keep the skin taut and pull off the strip against the direction of hair growth in a gentle yet firm single movement. Repeat this procedure until the facial hair is removed in all the required places. You can use a tweezer to pull off any stray hair that you missed during waxing.

Immediately after the waxing, apply a Shea or Aloe based lotion to soothe the skin. This will also prevent ingrown hair.


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