The Indian wedding season is upon us and invitations are heaping at your doorstep. You have a hard time deciding which one to attend and a harder time deciding what to wear and how to get made up. It’s a great opportunity to show off in front of family and friends and you can do just that with the following tips and tricks.

  1. It’s all in the brows. Trim your eyebrow carefully and primp it to give a full look. Sharp angles and thin lines can look awkward and give your face a pinched look.
  2. Rose gold and soft shimmery eye-makeup are perfect for the wedding guest. Pastels are also making a comeback. This is classy and perfect for a refined look. If you want the understated simple youthful look, try nude eyeshadow palettes. This will even out the eyelids and give your skin an even tone throughout.
  3. Understated eyeliner for a soft natural look. This will also make you look younger. Skip the artificial lashes altogether or go for individual lashes. It’s the brides turn to wear them.
  4. Instead of heavy layers of makeup go light with a primer and light coverage foundation. Instead of the contour couture, opt for a bronzer that will give you a healthy sun-kissed look.
  5. Nude lipsticks or soft peachy tones are preferred by wedding guests. This is a dewy look that looks fresh and just delicious.
  6. Heavy-duty hairstyles are a strict no go. Stick to your natural hair in simple hairdos that are easy to do and not cumbersome to maintain.
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