Picking the right shade of lipstick may not always fall under your favorite color spectrum. You have to forgo picking your hearts desires to what actually suits you.

Choosing lipstick goes deeper than your skin with a lot of deliberation. Find out if your undertone is warm, neutral or cool. Peach shades work well for light skins and bronze for deeper shades of you have a warm undertone. If you have a cool undertone, choose soft browns if your skin is light and dark pinks if your skin is dark. In the case of neutral undertone, you are free to choose between a wide spectrum that complements your complexion.

If your lips are top-heavy then go for bright colors with a slightly darker shade on the lower lips. In case your lips are bottom-heavy then deeper shades with a nude gradation on the center of the upper lip seems to work well. In case of asymmetric lips invest in a lip liner in the same shade of your lipstick to correct the shape.

If you have thin lips avoid dark, flashy colors. They give a pinched look about your lips. If you have full thick lips then gloss is not your friend. Choose dark shades that bring out your skin tone.

Keep in mind the color of your teeth while picking your lipstick. A long as you age a healthy set of pink gums and white teeth then you are free to explore with Colors you want to try. But if your teeth are even slightly yellow put away the bright shades and opt for light orangish reds.

The color of your eyes and hair also affect the way your lipstick looks on you but it’s a minor inconvenience. It’s truly the complexion and undertones that determine whether that lipstick ou love makes you look luscious.

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