It is quite easy to attain the perfect and flawlessly natural look with the right amount of makeup. Follow these simple tips recommended by Makeup artist Kulsum Parvez herself and flaunt the perfect look every day.

Do the drill

Start with the basics. Give your skin nourishment with ample moisturizer and use concealer on top of it. Make sure you choose your products based on the venue. For dry and hot place choose powder-based products and for an air-conditioned room, choose any liquid-based product. Finish with a light foundation.

Add a little blush

Make sure you add a subtle layer of blush to give your skin a natural rosy texture. A peachy tone can give you the perfect blush that will have you looking like the belle of the ball. Make sure you choose a light-toned palette so that you don’t overdo your look. This look will perfectly go for corporate occasions and for any other occasion.

Neutral all

Start with a layer of nude makeup and then add color (just a tinge) to allow the mild colors to pop. This is how you maintain balance to obtain a neutral look.

Start applying makeup with these points in mind and pull off the perfect look any day every day!

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