You made it as a makeup artist and the projects are flooding in. You find yourself weighted with the immense task of maintaining a proper kit of tools. It is common to arrive at the ob and find you have missed that eyeshadow or this brush. But here are 10 essential items that you cannot afford to miss and which will save you in a pinch.

  1. God gave us natural tools, our Hands and Fingers. Keep them clean and neat so that you can use your fingers to blend in the product like concealers.
  2. A Multipurpose applicator brush that will allow you to apply lip color, eye color, and correct any imperfections. A small flat rounded tip with firm bristles will do the job for you but you will need to clean it between using each product.
  3. Finishing brush: A Good finishing brush has a wide round head with firm soft bristles. It can be used to apply anything from foundation to highlighter.
  1. Eyelash curler: A clean eyelash curler can be heated with a hairdryer and used to create naturally luscious looking lashes. Invest in a good brand that will last longer.
  1. Beauty Blender: A good beauty blender will help you when you need to smooth out the strokes of the brush on the skin. Blending with this sponge will ensure a smooth and even finish at each layer of makeup.
  1. Cotton Swabs: Cotton swabs can be used for both applying and cleaning off makeup. Practically weightless and with the practice you can learn how to replace your brushes with cotton swabs. They are perfect for long-distance travel.
  1. Tweezers: Not everybody maintains a clean face and you will need those tweezers to pluck out the unsightly stray hair and shape the brows.
  1. Brow Comb: Brow comb can be used to tame and shape the brows and lashes. They can also be used to apply eyebrow gel and liner for a natural look.
  2. Eyeshadow applicators: Invest in a professional applicator brush so that you can use it for both applying and blending. This small effective tool can also be used to do spot corrections.
  3. Eye stencils: Eyestencil kits allow you to create the perfectly arched brows and flawless eyeliner applications. They come in handy when time is short and you need to work your magic in a hurry.
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