The struggle between online shopping and in-store shopping is real and the makeup is no exception to it. Shopping from the comfort of home sounds inviting but what if you end up with the wrong products. Forget when the store shops a wrong product, but what if the makeup is entirely wrong for your skin. Such worries are common among women and are addressed in brief in the following passages.

The beauty of online shopping is that you don’t have to get all made up and leave the house. No traffic and walking through the aisles and don’t even get me started on the long lines at the checkout counters. If you are sure that the product is exactly what you need or you are ordering something that you have used previously then online shopping is a lifesaver. Online shopping also means you are accessing the reviews left by other users, comparisons and great deals, especially during the holiday seasons. with one day delivery available in many online stores you can shop at your convenience and have it delivered right the next day. The products can also be returned within a reasonable time with a full refund. Online makeup sites also offer a lot of diversity in products. There are brands that are available exclusively online that get good reviews from influencers all the time. Going to the store means limiting yourself to what’s available on the shelf and their stocks.

In the case of actually stepping into the shop to buy your makeup, there are plenty of pros too. First of there is healthy Human interaction which can prove beneficial in makeup tips. Next, you actually get to try out the products. For somebody who has an urgent need, in-store purchase delivers it to you right that instant. There are esthetic experts available at hand who can offer advice on how to choose the products and the right way to apply them. With many customers migrating to online shopping stores have begun to offer good deals to attract more footfalls. Stores also arrange for makeup masterclasses and free makeovers that are engaging and interactive. The best of all is that you can walk away with free samples that you can try at your leisure. This saves you precious money spent on the wrong makeup.

Overall there are pros and cons to both modes of shopping makeup. It is up to you, the consumer to choose wisely and figure out the best approach to fulfilling your make up needs.

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