Choosing the right shade of foundation can make it break your day. It makes the difference between elegant natural beauty and hideous beauty wannabe. Many women struggle in this aspect and most usually end up with the wrong shade or type of foundation delete trying different products. Read on to find the right kind of foundation that will make your skin look naturally flawless.

Figure out what type of skin you have. The type of foundation depends on whether your skin is dry, oily or combination. Avoid oily thick foundations as they can cause your skin to break out more. Light foundations with good coverage and water-based solutions suit oily and combination skin. Dry skin needs a hydrating formula and can handle heavier creamy foundations.

Test the product before you buy it. This is a product that goes on your whole face and there are high chances of developing an allergy to it. Especially people with sensitive skin need to be careful about what goes on their face as their skin conditions can be aggravated by makeup.

If you are middle-aged or older stays away from powder and matte foundations. They can settle into creases and make skin look dry and lifeless. Light coverage foundations in a liquid base should give a natural healthy look.

Pick your foundation according to the complexion of your skin. Try to find the closest match as possible. Most people try the foundation on the back of their hand or arm. Instead, try different swatches simultaneously on the side of the neck or jaw. This will help you compare and choose the best shade for you.

The application of the product affects it’s coverage and finish. Ask the esthetician at the counter to help you apply and test it in the right way. Leave it on for some time to see how it stays on your skin. You can also walk out into the natural light to see if the effect differs from inside the store.

Keep the above tips in mind and selecting your foundation becomes easy. What was once a nightmare is now a mission to find the right shade that shows you off at your best.

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