Makeup can hide just about anything. But nothing spells beauty like a good skin care regimen. It is also easier to apply makeup if your skin is already good and you prep it right. This is especially crucial for women over 40 as the skin starts losing collagen and starts loosening up. Follow the below skincare routine to prep your skin before make up for a youthful radiant face.

Cleanse, cleanse and keep cleansing. Throw away harsh soaps and washes. Use plenty of water or if you feel indulgent, invest in natural wet wipes. If the skin is clean, it is less likely to break out. Try to include exfoliation in the skincare regimen.

A good everyday moisturizing routine can keep your skin supple and smooth. When sitting down for a makeup session, follow the cleanse with a good light moisturizer. This will act as a base as well as keep your skin hydrated which is essential for older women.

Pinch the cheeks to bring natural flushed color to them. This will look beautiful beneath a sheer foundation and give a youthful glow to the face.

Exfoliate your lips lightly with brown sugar and honey scrub. This will scrub away dry skin and leave the lips smooth and plump. Application of lipstick becomes easier and the lips look fuller.

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