Families and media have made weddings as an event where all the attention is on the bride. Bridal make up has pretty much become the norm at weddings. From your local aunty who fixes up your dress and hair to highly paid aestheticians, bridal make up has evolved with the years.

Nowadays regular men have also picked up on the celebrities and have started grooming themselves carefully. Weddings are a special occasion and men want to look better than they do every day. Can we really blame them when the brides are all bedecked in jewels and silks and makeup straight out of fairy tales? This has started the trend of makeup for grooms for it is their big day too.

Grooms have consequently grown more conscious about how they present themselves. The wedding day is pressure-filled to live up to the expectations of the guests and matching the bride’s ensemble and looks. Wearing makeup helps you look groomed and perfect through the day and a notch above your guests. There is the automatic confidence that comes with it.¬† The wedding is the most photographed and recorded event in our lives. Every couple deserves to look their best and there is no distinction between the bride and the groom. They have to complement each other well and a little makeup makes all the difference when it comes to the Groom’s appearance.

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