We all have walked out of the cosmetics store with an armload of products which we discover to be wrong, right before that party we have been waiting for so long. Finding the right makeup is like the journey to find an old lost treasure and can be tricky to boot. Here’s what you can do to avoid any major mistakes in your make up purchase.

  1. Before heading out to the store make sure you have all the facts right. There are plenty of online sites that compare and point out the pros and cons of each product. Find your skin type and check those reviews that are relevant to your skin type and tone.
  2. Test the product before buying it. Most stores have testers at all counters, but if not you could always request for one. Testing the product on the face may be tempting but it’s better to test it on the back of your arm or elbow. This may not be the skin type of your face but is effective in finding out if you are allergic to the product.
  3. Take the help of the makeup professional behind the counter. Ask them to apply the product on your face as they are better equipped at it. Pay attention to the way they apply so that you can mimic the same for better results.
  4. If the testers seem to be old and dirty, ask politely if you can have a different tester. You need to test the product in the same consistency as a newly purchased one. When consistency and the potency of the product differ there may be a mismatch from trial to actual usage. Clean the product and wands with an alcohol spray before trying it on as multiple customers with different skin conditions could have tried it before you.
  5. Many big brands offer free sittings and samples. Make ample use of these opportunities to try out your favorite products. They offer great advice on techniques and choosing the correct products. The free samples can last up to 5 days of regular use by which you can really make up your mind about the makeup.
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