Closed curls are the classic look

Looking for a simple yet gorgeous look for your pre-wedding ceremony? Then here’s a great style for you. Curl your long locks with little beads and amp up the look. This is a classic look be it for the reception, Mehendi or even Haldi. Get your stylist to make you look rocking!

Side curls for the win!

Especially for the Mehendi ceremony, this look is a classic. Jazz it up with some accessories that suit you best. Take some trial sessions to try out your look if you wish. After all, planning these things are surely going to come handy. So plan your day with perfection!

Side buns

A classic look for your Haldi ceremony. You must be aware that you will need your face clear of hair or any obstacle. So go for a minimal look and add a little spice to your look with your favorite accessories. This look will surely make you look graceful yet simple.

There are several other looks you can go with to give your pre-wedding ceremonies an extra touch. Go the extra mile and do your research and plan your look for different days individually.

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