Monsoon weddings can be terrifying for the bride regarding the Makeup scene. To set your mind at ease, we share a few simple tips for a carefree wedding.

Use cream based makeup. Set it well with a makeup setting spray. Water-based may run off in the humidity and cause a makeup scare. Waterproof makeup is also a good option. Check with your Makeup artist if they carry their own waterproof makeup or buy your own kit after consulting them.

Go traditional with braids. They are no frizz, easy to do and easier to manage through the ceremonies. Make sure the hair is well moisturized and use hair spray as a failsafe.

Keep a handy retouch kit complete with soft tissues, makeup wipes to remove any smudges and essentials like mascara, liner, and lipsticks. Better safe than sorry.

Keep your bridesmaids and beautician close to redoing any flyaway hair or if your makeup has gone awry. Have them check on you often and help with the reapplication or correction.

All this and don’t forget to carry an umbrella when you step out!

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