The night before any photoshoot is the most important part! Not only do you get plenty of time to give your skin the nourishment, but you also get time to get yourself active and well-rested, which is equally important. Follow these tips to look your best for the camera.

Steer clear of alcohol

The damage alcohol can do to your skin is not neglectable. From drying your skin up to making your entire system empty of vital nutrients, alcohol creates havoc. So stay away from alcohol the night before without fail. Instead, drink a lot of water and take the time to nourish your skin with hydrating products/masks.

Get your share of beauty sleep for the day

Life might get busy and we might be caught in the hustle bustle of an everyday rush but always remember to get your 6 – 7 hours of sleep. Especially the day before the shoot. Avoid staying up too long and keep away from stress. Your mind and skin must be happy for you to look happy and glow in your pictures.

Make sure you wake up with a clean and ready-to-go face

If you are one who uses heavy makeup on a daily basis, make sure you clean your face off of any chemical products or of leftover makeup before going to bed. Make sure you wake up with a clean and well-moisturized face. That is very important to make your skin look flawless and perfectly smooth for the camera.

Plan a beauty routine for weeks before the day if you wish to make your skin look beautiful. But no matter what, it all comes down to the preparation you do the night before. So get prepping and look flawless!

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