These well thought of hacks will save you from the scary summer make up meltdowns. Weddings are your special day and you deserve to look gorgeous through all the ceremonies and more. Use these hacks to keep you glowing and comfy through it all.

  1. Try Airbrush make up for even and longer-lasting finish. This is light and easy to carry. In the case of traditional makeup use mattifying products.
  2. Use translucent powder on each layer of makeup to keep it all set. This makes the colors appear more vibrant while creating a protective barrier between makeup and sweat. This is especially true for eye makeup.
  3. Use a setting spray to lock your make up in place. Even then, keep blotting tissues in your essential kit. This tissue blots away sweat without ruining your make up. It is a lifesaver that saves you from frequent reapplications and ugly makeup meltdowns.
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