Summer has brought with it the much-awaited Indian wedding season with the Band Baja Baraat. Brides are anxious about their make up coz as the sweat sets in. With these simple tips keep your summer glow flawlessly through your big day.

Instead of traditional makeup, choose airbrush makeup which is easy to apply and comfortable to wear,  but makes sure the esthetician is good at their work.

Mattify by choosing the right products. Glossy makeup can enhance a sweaty, uncomfortable look. Matte products are easy to apply and provide a good base to work on.

Choose waterproof eye makeup that will last long. This can save you time and awkward pauses in receiving guests to frequently wipe and reapply.

Summers can be dehydrating and you need to hydrate well. Wear a waterproof lip color that won’t come off.

The hairstyle can play a major part in how comfortable you are on the D day. Too many loose strands falling on your face can get flat and sticky with sweat. Go for updos or braids that will keep in place. But if you are insistent on loose hair keep it away from the face.

Use a setting spray for both face and hair to keep it all together.

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