Everyone tries to fit in a workout schedule that’s either the start of the day or the end. We do our best to hide from the scrutiny of others while stepping out of the gym. However, there are some days when you have to fit in a workout in between your routine and end up going to the gym with a full face of makeup. Sweaty makeup run-off and tousled hair is the flip side to wanting to look good at the gym. This can be avoided with a few simple changes to your make up routine.

Apply a mattifying primer that prevents your face from looking slick with sweat. It creates a barrier between the sweat and your foundation. This way all you’ll need is a light retouch after your work out.

Choose a lighter foundation than the one you use usually. You may have to forego on full coverage but the foundation will remain smooth and has a lesser chance of caking up and making you look, Creasy.

Trade in your lipstick and lipgloss for a good lip stain. This stays on by staining your lips and not as a layer that can come off. It also lasts longer and is unlikely to wipe off during a workout.

Kajal and Eyeliners, even waterproof ones may not last in the presence of sweat. But a good waterproof mascara could save your day. Using just the mascara gives the lashes a natural lift and volume.

Never ever let your hair loose. Tie it up in braids, buns or use a scrunchy to put it up. This will prevent the hair from getting wet in the sweat and preserve your style.

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