wedding reception bridal look

There are ways to choose your wedding reception look with ease. Of course, you will have to do your part and get your research and facts right before you choose a look and settle for it. But how? Here’s a simple guide with steps that will help.

  • What’s the basic look you have in mind? Settle the inner voice down first. Pick the top three or any number of looks you have in mind.
  • Once you have your preferences shortlisted, take the extra mile and do personal research-based on Youtube tutorials and such to get a better understanding. You could probably shortlist further.
  • Talk to your stylist. Get him/her to understand your preference. This will help give them a direction.
  • Take up trial session(s). Make sure you try out a couple of looks. Click pictures from different angles and check them out to see which you like best.
  • Make sure, if possible, that you try on your wedding reception gown with the makeup. So you know for sure.
  • Once you have a makeup style picked, start following a specific skincare routine that will help accentuate that makeup style. Consult your stylist for help with this one.

These points will surely help you nail your dream wedding reception look undoubtedly. So start prepping!

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