Summers in India are hot and muggy but it’s usually peak wedding season. Wow, betide the summer bride. However, with the right knowledge summer wedding makeup can show you in your best light.

  1. Time to bring out the matte primer. Since all son types tend to sweat out in the summer,matte primer will save you from runaway makeup scenes.
  2. Give preference to powder-based makeup products. With the primer base, they stick longer than creamy makeup which can start dissolving with sweat.
  3. Glitter and gloss are a big no-no at daytime Indian weddings. They tend to make you look more sweaty. Matte finish makeup gives a smooth clean appearance.
  4. Waterproof eye makeup is a must unless you want to look like a raccoon. Invest in personal eye makeup products to avoid chances of infection which is prevalent in summer.
  5. Don’t forget the trusty setting spray which will hold all your makeup together for long hours.
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