Monsoon weddings can be a chore especially when it comes to makeup. Choosing the right products and the constant fear of whether you messed up your make up is all too much. But simple changes can ensure your big fat monsoon wedding day is just perfect.

Consult a good aesthetician and select your make up products beforehand. Test the products to see how long they last and if you are allergic to them. Buying your own kit of waterproof makeup will keep you good through the season. This will also prevent your skin from being exposed to old or probably expired products.

Keep to the theme of the season and go with subtle makeup that concentrates more on making your skin look naturally flawless. This will ensure your make up is light and comfortable and it stays on longer than heavier make up.

Choose nude shades of lipstick and eye shadows that will go well with the season and also give you a natural healthy look. Carry a good lip balm as we tend to forget to hydrate and the cold can make your lips chapped.

Never forget the primer and the final setting spray. You can sit back and relax as they keep the job of holding together your make up. In case of emergencies keep a retouching kit with essentials and a friend who can help keep you looking just right through the day.

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