The little ones are the best at any wedding. From children to teens, the glam quotient is always funky yet very glam. They like playing dress-up and so would love to experiment. This is where these pointers will help big time.

Keep it natural

While bright makeup is a choice, keeping it natural with shades of nudes and a little bit of natural makeup will help make them look natural.

Go colorful

But if you wish for them to look a little color with a splash of colors, be game! After all, a little bit of color will only make them amped up and glammed up for the event.

The essentials look

Apart from the nude and the colorful option, there is, of course, an everyday look that can fit the bill too. Not necessarily too plain, this look can help keep things on a lower note, yet very festive. Simply put, they will look at their self and glamourous complemented by an outfit that amps up the beauty bars high at the event.

Apart from the look, make sure they also follow a mild skin care routine that can help rid pimples and blackheads, common for kids the age. Now there’s no stopping them from looking perfect and beautiful on your wedding day.

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