While bridal makeup can rake up your stress levels, it is advisable to plan your guest’s makeup and hairdo in advance as well. So if you are looking for tips on the same, here are some.

Curls over the shoulder

A classy and a simple-to-carry hairdo, this is a top pick. Easy and quick to style, it is a look anyone can pull off. So you know for sure, you can’t go wrong with this look!

The unyielding bun

A fan of going traditional with all things around you? Then this look is a great pick for your guests. A bun can never go wrong as it will come in handy with all the hustle and bustle. Now your loved ones will flit around looking classy and be part of a great wedding.

Jewel it up

When it comes to hairdos sometimes, different guests want different looks. So how do you amp it up with a sense of similarity? You can always incorporate different jewelry and accessories into the hairdos, giving each one what they want with a theme in place. A great way to keep it unique yet uniform.

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