The modern woman is multifaceted and that comes with the burden of maintaining Multi-faces at each place. The independent woman knows both how to work and party hard. With these tips, switch effortlessly from your stern stylish office persona to the party animal after hours.

  • Keep a small essentials makeup kit in your handbag at all times. This could include a Kajal, eyeliner, compact, eyeshadow and lipstick. Carry the basics and get smaller versions of your bulk-bought palettes.
  • Keep a neutral eyeshadow box with two to three shades to save space. Nudes, gold, and pinks go well with most clothes. This can also double as a highlighter for your cheeks.
  • Your Kajal can be used as an eyebrow pencil and also an eyeliner if used right. Get a long-lasting Kajal with a smudger at the back to create smokey eyes and tease your eyebrows into shape.
  • Lipsticks can replace blush and also eyeshadows in a pinch. Dab it lightly on the eyelids and cheeks and blend it in with your fingers. Carry a neutral shade of lipstick that will go well with most clothes.
  • A good compact that can be used both wet and dry depending on how much coverage you need can remove the need for applying foundation. Since most parties have dim or flashing lights, the compact should be enough unless you have a bad breakout of acne.

In case you are aware beforehand of the party try to make your hair and set it before work. After work all you will need is it to brush it back into place lightly. This will save you precious time that could be spent partying.

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