The bridesmaids are the life and soul of the bride tribe. With themed looks and ensembles they stand out in the crowd even more so than family. As your best friend gets married, it’s also a chance for you to look your best, but without upstaging the bride.

Since you are under no compulsion to wear heavy bridal wear, choose light fabrics and flowy dresses or sarees. This will keep you comfortable through the heavy bridesmaid responsibilities.

Sure you are not the bride and you feel you don’t need much makeup but the primer is a must for everyone. Mattifying Primer for the bride and the same for her gals.

You can skip on the foundation and other heavy layers. But if you need coverage to choose a breathable light foundation instead of heavy creamy ones.

Tone down your makeup with soft browns and peaches. This will give you a natural glow and will not shy the spotlight away from the bride.

Skip heavy jewelry or stick to statement pieces on your ears or neck but not both. This way you are still in style but comfortable to boot.

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