When it comes to acing makeup, Kulsum Parvez is definitely one of the best in India. She has worked with people from different walks of life and has never failed to deliver. She does what she does best! Kulsum’s work has spread far and wide and stands testimony to the quality she promises. So what are the little things that make her work unique?

Time and the bride wait for none and she knows it

Having adopted the quality and punctuality from a very young age, Kulsum Parvez has always delivered with perfection. She has learned over the years however that the qualities she possesses aren’t to be dismissed as nothing. Over thousands of artists bud from the MUA industry every year. So what does it take to stand out and make yourself reliable? By having these age-old qualities that will drive the point home for the clients – Kulsum Parvez is a brand that won many awards and hearts for the magic that it leaves behind.

Quality is never an accident

Right from the set up to pack up, Kulsum spills elegance and professional etiquette as she flits around getting the guests event-ready. The same goes for artists who work for the brand. What starts as work always ends being an event they belong to. The celebration and happiness become a part of what the team does and so, they do not spare even the slightest detail. From perfecting the art of makeup to lending an extra hand as help with accessorizing and the like, Kulsum has always taken her work seriously, sinking as deep as it takes to get the job done with perfection and dedication.

Patience and persistence pay off

Having started off as an aspiring makeup artist, she made it to the top by climbing the ladder not with haste but with patience. She kept at it no matter what came her way. But that doesn’t mean she gave up on her responsibilities as a mother or as a woman of the house. She knew exactly how to balance her duties and be good at it too! With grit and her head held high, she made it to working with celebrities and personalities who found her work very pleasing. She soon grew to be the best MUA all over India and still hold her place with the same charm and glamour.

Kulsum’s work involves working for different kinds of events with different kinds of approaches for each event. From weddings to housewarming functions, she has the efficiency to switch her styles based on the requirement and the personal touch the guests expect. With all these qualities she possesses, Kulsum continues to leave people from all over the world dazed and dazzled.

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