Summer can be tedious. Carrying your makeup with grace is quite the task. So what if you can crack the perfect look to look easy and breezy this summer?

Skin that is top-notch

Summer is all about looking natural and about light makeup that doesn’t look caked on. Here’s a tip. Mix a little bit of your illuminator with the foundation before application. This will help give an instant, light glow to your look.

Eye makeup that is flattering

It’s understood that eye makeup is the most essential and noticeable part of your makeup next to lip makeup. Curl the lashes and jazz it up with a beautiful semi winged look. This will allow the makeup to hold prominence with very little material. This is a simple way to pull off a minimal look!

Blush it up

Let’s not dismiss the fact that rosy cheeks are a classic summer look. Add a pinch of pink to your look and look flawless in your summer dress as you walk the streets with flawless makeup.

So are you ready to ramp it up?

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