If you think you know enough about makeup and that you are sorted for the big day, think twice. Read on to know more about the types of makeup you could choose from.

The classic bridal look

If you are getting wed in a closed, air-conditioned area, this makeup is a total win-win. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, the traditional bridal look is the most preferred look by brides-to-be. NOTE: Most of the makeup used is liquid-based and tend to be a little greasy with time. Hence if you are getting married indoor with air conditioner.

HD makeup

If done right, by expert hands, this is the perfect way to look flawless. Covering every single pore, mole, scars, this makeup will make you look close to perfection, keeping the natural touch intact.

Airbrush makeup

Lightweight and flawless, airbrushing is the newest favorite among cosmopolitan brides. The fine finish and the perfect complexion that can be attained using this makeup just cannot go wrong.

Mineral Makeup

Although this style of makeup has limited color shades, mineral makeup is a real up-and-comer. With all the natural goodness, made of minerals like iron, zinc, and titanium, this is an all-natural mode of makeup which is why the limitation with colors.

So whatever be the mode of makeup, make sure you have a plan that can pull the whole thing off! A happy wedding day to you!

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