Haldi is a very important ceremony among the other colorful ceremonies during a wedding. This makeup is integral and easy to do. But not all understand that skincare is just as important to flaunt good makeup. Following are some tips to obtain the same.

Cleanse, moisturize and create a base!

The base is, after all, the most important step. Nail this and you have a glowing, clean slate to experiment and play with. Now apply mild makeup and look your charming best and smile for the pictures with that radiating bridal beauty.

Focus on the eyes

Go all out and give the best you can for your eye makeup. Make sure you use concealer for your eyes as well. This will help give your eye makeup a rounded sharper look.


Use highlighter and bronzer to highlight your makeup. It would help accentuate your makeup even though it is mild. Wouldn’t you like to look your best as a sun-kissed happy bride? Well, let the colors of a sharp bronzer and a subtle touch of highlighter accentuate your look to the most.

Make the happiest day of your life a memorable event. Let the Haldi ceremony add to your wedding’s charm. Look your perfect self with these simple makeup tips. It helps to dig a little deeper and reach perfection.

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