Ever wondered what the contemporary brides are doing to look their best on their special day? Well here is a compilation of some of the most important pointers for Indian brides.

  1. Play Safe or Go Bold

Pick your style. It can be anything from a traditional look to a very bold and outstanding look. But make sure you plan it well. Many brides desire a particular look but hardly plan enough and find themselves in a pickle at the last minute. Make sure you consult with a stylist and check to find out if the style/look will suit your skin tone. But don’t forget, you deserve to look your best, just the way you like it. Just follow a process and enhance your bridal glow with the right look.

  1. The right makeup for the right location

Beach wedding? A lawn wedding? Where have you planned to tie the knot? Well, your makeup sure does rely a lot on what locale you pick. If you are going for the conventional AC hall wedding, you will be consulted for a particular type of makeup. But if the wedding is for outdoors, make sure you mention this to your stylist. They will advise accordingly if you will need dry/light makeup or heavy/moisturizing makeup. NOTE: Do not attempt to go with your own instinct. Professionals would have more experience and it is best to go with their advice.

  1. The lighting matter

Planning to get wed in a well-lit area? Then your makeup can’t be loud. Same goes for different timings of the day. Basically, the makeup has to balance out according to the amount of light in the room/area. It is also important to study the mood of the environment. For instance, the entire theme of the wedding has to sync with your look. You are, after all, the belle of the ball!

  1. Hire the best in the biz

It takes a professional to pull off the perfect look. To understand all the factors that add to a flawless look, an experienced artist is the only resort. You would, of course, will not have to look any further. Kulsum Parvez studio perfects the art of makeup for brides of all kinds. So if you are looking for an extra creative hand to help you out with the wedding makeup, you are in the right place.

  1. Time management and research

Before you start with anything, do your research. On products, you haven’t tried on so far or on a particular look with trial makeup sessions that will help you get an idea of the actual look on you rather than on a catalog. Secondly, manage your time well. We cannot stress enough on this point but IT WILL GET VERY HECTIC with last-minute planning. Make sure you know how to space out your time well and plan your tasks accordingly so you can complete what you have set out to finish for each day.

With these five golden tips to keep in mind, you are bound to come out looking the best bride in town, with flawless makeup and an evergreen memory made to cherish forever.

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