Heritage calls! Turn your wedding day into a celebration of your rich customs and traditions. But it doesn’t mean picking the right outfit will do the trick. The right makeup adds a lot of value to it too. From Tamil Nadu and Kerala to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, there are unique looks you can sport with these tips, on your wedding day.

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

If you hail from either of these states, you must be familiar with the love for rich undertones people have. Add a little bit of lots! Don’t shy away from rich colors, with as many makeup trials as you need, fixate on your favorite look and sport it with the swag of a South Indian bride!

Karnataka and Kerala

While weddings in Karnataka are known for mild and nude makeup, weddings at Kerala are a whole other ceremony of colors and grandeur. Mix it up and bring your own version of an ethnic wedding by choosing the right color palette for the big day. Christian weddings are fun in the South thanks to the amalgamation of rich colors and the subtleness of a Christian wedding.

There are some basic makeup tips to keep in mind, however.

  • Cleanse and begin with a clean slate
  • Moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated
  • Be sure to use primer, concealer, and foundation before applying makeup
  • Be precise and bold with the eye makeup
  • Always know that touch-ups are unavoidable. Carry a mini makeup kit with everything you will need.
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