Wedding receptions are going to be an event of flair and grace through and through. Having to smile and wave at family and well-wishers pass by is going to be tedious but you might as well spend the day look fly and glamourous. Look your best on the day that will be remembered the most for the years to come. Here are some top looks you can pick from.

Simple and straightforward

Some like to keep it simple. That is okay because receptions do not always have to be extravagant. Choose nudes and some shimmer to top it off and sizzle the stage with your elegance.

Red and gold

Sure keeping it simple has its own pros. It has you thinking about going bold and bright? If you are up for that style, go for a much brighter red and gold look that is generally a classic wedding reception look.

Smoky and sexy

There is nothing like sporting a sexy smoky look that will accentuate your complexion. Keep it classy and add a pinch of dark glamour to your makeup.

Pretty pink, please

If you want to go for the coy classic pink look, go for it! Considered a cute yet simple look, this is a much-preferred wedding reception look.

Bold yet subtle

Play with your makeup. If you add a little bit of both you have a winning combination! For instance, you can go for bold eye makeup but a comparatively subtler lipstick shade. This will add layers to your makeup.

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