From basic essentials to some very important things, every bride-to-be would require a guide on what to carry in her makeup kit. Here’s a list of some of the essentials

  1. Eye Primer

An important part of the makeup kit, an eye primer keeps your eyeshadow from creasing and allows it to last longer, given that the ceremonies are going to last a while. It will keep you looking fresh and bright for a while.

  1. The eye makeup kit

The whole package – Eyeliners, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eyelash curler, mascara, Kohl, and the like are to be carried along at all times. Choose your color palate wisely, though. It will definitely help give your whole look a level of refined beauty.

  1. Keep your hand looking great

With hand cream, the right enamel paint and nail paint remover, keep your hands looking moisturized and well maintained for long hours. Make sure you keep reapplying the hand cream whenever you see the necessity.

  1. What you run out of usually

At weddings, there is almost always a crisis for combs, bobby pins and safety pins. Make sure you carry ample amount of these for emergencies.

  1. Other Essentials

Make sure you carry other important things like sanitary napkins, an extra set of bindi and any other necessities to complete your makeup kit.

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