We are here to tell you what no one else will; there are so many little things that can go wrong on your wedding day! Although you think it is simple to not forget or leave something behind, it isn’t. Here are a few points, more like a checklist for your wedding day!

So let’s see if you have bagged these for your bridal makeup kit

  • Get the eyebrow tools ready to go – Eyebrow brush and a brown pencil for your eyebrow is essential for touch-ups or last-minute disasters (in case of smudged makeup)
  • Extra lashes – Get plenty of these
  • Eyeliner – You are bound to get tired and sweaty in a while. If your makeup isn’t waterproof, this isn’t good news. So it is always best to carry an eyeliner in case of emergencies.
  • Cover the contour lines – Make sure you carry something to blend these lines that are sure to appear sometime.
  • The fading lipstick – Make sure you carry the lipstick you are using for the bridal makeup along with you the whole time.

These golden tips are to be followed without a doubt but once the hustle bustle is over, we tend to forget these pointers and hence do not pass it on. This guide is for all the brides-to-be who want a perfect wedding with perfect makeup.

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