Parties get us all excited but for the final hassle of doing up our hair. It should be comfy while looking sexy, and we all want to look like we just stepped out of the salon. Well, party hairstyles will become the least of your worries with these incredible styles for all lengths of hair.

  1. The simple straight truth

Straight hair once considered boring and vanilla is coming back with a fury that’s sexy and elegant. This is easy to do with a good hair iron. Take care to use a heat protection serum before using the iron.

  1. Wave on

The soft natural waves of your hair can be used to good advantage at a party. All you need is to brush it out and set it with spray. In case you have straight hair use a hair curler at medium heat and brush it out with your fingers. This will give a bouncy natural wavy look.

  1. Braids for life

The classic side braid worn over one shoulder in a loose style goes well with both elegant evening wear or your favorite Rock Band’s t-shirt and shorts. This is child’s play for anyone and you don’t even need a mirror to get it right.

  1. Messin it up

Keep a few Bobby pins handy and the messy bun is an easy hairstyle to do in a time crunch. This timeless favorite of celebrities and Fashionistas is a time-saving solution to a glamorous updo. Sweep up your hair and start twirling the hair in sections and pin into place with the Bobby pins.

  1. Up with the hair

A classic ponytail is a comfortable and musses free hairstyle. Use a scrunchie and pull up your hair into a ponytail. Take a section of hair and wind it around the scrunchie to cover it up and pin the hair into place with a bobby pin. You can part your hair in different ways to create varied looks or simply pull it all back in an upsweep.

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