Envious of models and their glamorous lives? Maybe the party yachts are a bit too much, but you can very well look like one. Revealing the secrets that models use to look picture ready every time.

Apply your eyeliner in thin lines and build it up to form a wing tip. Make the lines along the natural curve of your eye.

Use primer for the eye. This smooths out creases and gives even finish.

Add oil to your skincare routine. Allow the oil to soak in for 30 minutes before applying the makeup. This spreads the foundation evenly.

Trace the top of your eyebrows with a brown pencil to give your eyes a lift. Highlight with light shadow to create a vibrant effect with other colors.

Draw an X on your cupid’s bow with lipstick. Extend the lines to the corners of the mouth in the desired shape and fill in. This will give a clean application.

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