The right makeup will, of course, do the trick. As an artist, you would be required to look your best and that is why it is essential to choose the best makeup routine for your portfolio shoot.

Let’s start with the basics

SPF block won’t help give a perfect look. Any product with SPF will not help you look your best since the flash will cause you to look bland and dull if your makeup contains SPF.

Foolproof foundation

Learn to pick the right foundation. Because photoshoots are done under different lights, it will require you to use the right foundation and concealer. They will help make the colors (lipstick, eyeshadow) stand out and it is important that they blend well and give you the perfect base for the application of makeup products.

Contour, highlight, and coat

Choose light makeup to avoid giving you a heavy look. With the right application, you can attain the perfect look with enhanced, angular cheekbones and nose. To seal the look never forget to coat your base with translucent powder, especially your T-zone. Make sure your makeup doesn’t turn caked and bring the perfect matte look.

Apart from the perfect base makeup, make sure you add to the perfect look by giving attention to the littlest details. Choose the perfect shade of brown and fill in your eyebrows and add a little bit of highlighter wherever needed.

With these tricks under your sleeve, you are sure to look your best in your headshots. Get your look right with the right makeup!

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