Flawless smooth skin cannot be attained overnight. You will have to start pampering and taking care of your skin weeks before the day of the shoot. Here are a few tips that will help give you the perfect base for your makeup.

Hydrate yourself, hydrate your skin
Drink plenty of water. The more the merrier! Drinking loads of water and sweating out toxic pollutants is one of the best ways to look fresh and beautiful with glowing skin. So don’t give up on your H2O. Then comes your daily skin hydration. With summer in full swing, don’t forget to treat your skin to a hydrating and soothing mask (aloe-based or protein-based) that will help enrich your skin with all the goodness.

Take your vitamins and steer clear of facials

Your skin needs the nourishment and the rest. Free of chemicals and harsh products, your skin will get time to regain its natural glow. Give conscious attention to your skin health by taking a multivitamin during breakfast. Use a gentle cleanser that will help keep the elasticity of your skin and the glow intact, one that won’t strip your skin of the natural oils.

Fix on a night routine

The 6 hours of rest we get at night is also the perfect time to allow our skin to repair. Use the time carefully. Just before you go to bed, apply some eye cream, moisturizer and lip balm (can be homemade too) and nourish your skin. Make sure the products you use do not contain harsh chemicals.

Getting the perfect look takes days of skincare. Make sure you follow a routine all day every day to allow your makeup to stand out. Follow these tips and you are sure to look flawless in the pictures!

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