What better than strutting your stuff in the streets with the latest look and a happy smile on your face? Well here are some of the latest makeup hacks listed out for you to look your best every day!

Precision is easy

There are so many hacks to get the perfect winged eyeliner look. Grab a spoon and place them right where you need the bend and make the perfect winged look!

Eyebrow is done at home – without plucking

You don’t to get your eyebrows done if you just had them done and have only a couple of irregular strands. Pick a brown eyebrow pencil and fill away the patchy areas and gently brush with an eyelash brush. To give precision use concealer to give a straight and fine look.

Look for DIYs when in doubt

If you aren’t pleased with the shade/color of your products mix them up. Play with the colors until you get the perfect shade.

With these hacks at hand, nothing can stop you from looking glamourous when you step out.

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