Eye make up plays a major role in transforming the look of a person. It can make or break the entire look you are going for. To ensure you always stay on top of it, you will need this set of essential products and tools.

  1. Eyelid Primer

The eyelids have the most creases on our face. Thus it is important to prep them for makeup. There are primers especially for the eyes that are available on the market. Invest in good primers depending on skin type. It will smooth out fine lines and give you an even base to work on.

  1. Concealers

Using a concealer before applying any pigments will increase the vibrancy of the colors. It is the same principle as applying colors on a light base against other shades. The concealer will hide discoloration and dark circles and the eyes shadow will bring out the intended colors.

  1. Eye make up Brushes

Makeup brushes for the eyes are available directly in kits or if you are choosy you can select them a la carte. Do not forget the brow combs as they can highlight and shape the eyes. Splurge for a good brush kit. Be mindful of the expense but also that it is a one-time investment that will last you longer.

  1. Eyeliners

The black eyeliner is the most basic but take a chance and try new colors that go with the season. Make sure they also complement your skin tone. If you tend to sweat more or have oily skin you will need a waterproof one that won’t smudge off easily.

  1. Mascara

The easiest way to give your lashes a lift without the extra work of extensions is the mascara. There is volumizing heavy mascara that will curl your lashes and give them a luxuriant soft look. You can also get a Kohl pencil or gel and dab it in between your lashes for a more natural feel.

  1. Eyeshadow palette

Eye shadow pigments are where you can play around to your fancy. For subtle or striking looks you can pick up any number of shades to help you through the seasons.

7.Makeup Remover

The eyes and the eyelids are the most sensitive part of your face. Sleeping in with makeup can damage the skin and reduce your lash growth. Get a makeup remover and soft cotton swabs and pads to help you take the makeup off completely before you turn in for the night.

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