Build intensity to your makeup with the perfect eye makeup. Adding details to your eyes can help add drama to your makeup, overall. Follow these tips to attain the perfect look.

Start clean and clear

Ensure that your eyelids are clean for application. Then add primer. Most skip the primer, but the primer only adds to giving depth to your makeup. It will help staple a look that will remain smudge-free and longer lasting.

Give some density

Play on the density of the makeup with the amount of mascara, Kohl, and eyeliner you use. This will help enhance your eyes and make them stand out the most. But of course, you will have to choose based on the occasion and the time of the day. For an evening look, you can go with a little heavier eye makeup. For the day look, go for something mild and natural.

Use products that pop

Study your skin tone and choose products that are right for your skin and colors that enhance your look. Don’t choose colors that will make you look washed out. Make sure you get the perfect color with trials the day before so you have it right when the time arrives.

With these hacks in mind, you will be able to get the perfect eye makeup routine for different occasions and time of the day. Rock your look with eye makeup that amplifies your makeup overall. Try these points out next time you use makeup and see results for yourself!

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