When it is the season for wedding bells, it is all about getting the finer things right. From the food to the decorations, everything is given the utmost attention. Makeup, however, is a whole other department. With so many moments to be captured on camera, so years later, they are just as special, makeup brings out the lasting beauty of every bride. And of course, Kulsum Parvez does this job the best. Being one of the best MUA in India, Kulsum believes in bringing out the best in every bride.

Mark THE Day with a “K”

Because with her expert touch, she will have any woman transformed into a radiant bride in no time. With a very efficient team, your makeup needs will be sorted for all the wedding-related functions and events like Haldi, pre-wedding, engagement and the like. With Kulsum’s professional touch, you’d come out looking happy and glowing for the special day. Having worked with several celebrities and renowned fashion brands, Kulsum Parvez truly is one of the best MUA in India. So remember, for any upcoming occasion, if you have makeup needs, mark the day with a “K”.

The KP process

So how exactly does she deliver time after time with perfection? It is true that her highly acclaimed skills are the reason but so is her dedication to planning. After being booked for bridal makeup, Kulsum makes sure that she is stocked with all the right shades for the wedding attire. Recognizing unique facial features, she uses her precision to do the best makeup, enhancing every little detail. She will leave nothing to chance, making you look flawless and chic is the only result she will aim.

The kinds of brides

The best thing about experiencing different kinds of bridal makeup is that there is always something to learn, says Kulsum. Every bride is different and wishes to look unique. There’s traditional, coy Indian bride style and there’s the millennial bold bride look, there’s let’s go bohemian style and the like. So the challenge will be to study the bride and then do the makeup accordingly. It can very easily go wrong if the wrong tone or a wrong angle is chosen. It is all about precision!

Kulsum also adds that she tries her best to keep the bride well-rested and stress-free during the period of makeup so that one, she doesn’t sweat the makeup off and two, the brides are truly beautiful only when they are at their best mood.

And that’s why you need to know again, don’t hire just about any MUA, go for the best and make picture-perfect moments that will stay evergreen thanks to Kulsum’s soulful makeup.

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