“There is no limit…for beauty and hard work.”

Who says the sky is the limit? Keeping that outdated adage aside, Kulsum set out to pursue her dreams at the time she thought was right for. She applied the same rule everywhere, “Stop at nothing.” Both in her personal and her professional life. And it took her beyond the clouds!

An avant-garde artist.

Setting her foundation, allowing the roots to sink in deeper and deeper, Kulsum made her own way into the MUA industry to become the best makeup artist in India. Following styles that hold her signature style, Kulsum Parvez never failed a woman who presented herself as a canvas to be beautifully adorned. Once she picked the brush, her only thought is to bring out the beauty in the person in the best way and to amplify beauty.

Setting up shop amidst the gentle clamour.

“Every event/function demands a lot of energy,” says Kulsum with a smile. “That is why I plan well in advance and make a schedule for myself. That way I get things done and people look beautiful and are happy.” With a team of artists to help her out with the hustle and bustle, Kulsum never fails to sport a smile throughout the day. Long hours cannot defeat her love for perfection. “Sometimes things tend to get a little out of hand, but we are always prepared with PLAN B to save time and keep away from last-minute hassles.”

“We have been part of so many different types of crowds that we always know what could go wrong. So we try and predict situations to avoid having to experience them.” She also adds that she always preps the client with what would be necessary from their end as well. For this she spends a good amount of time talking and getting to know the client.

Precision is everything.

“If I want things to go right, I plan and strategies my way. The foolproof way.” She adds with a sly smile. “Not that I mind handing the reigns over to someone else. But I am all about making sure things are right and on track.” When asked about the holistic work approach she comments, “It is very simple. Passion. No matter what we do, if we lack passion, we will just not make it to the top.”

“Which is why I always tell my friends to pursue their dreams irrespective of the obstacles. It is all going to be worth it, after all. There is absolutely no limit when it comes to beauty and hard work.” she says with surety in her voice and a confident smile on her lips.

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