Every brand has a story about where it all started. The reason behind the story lives to become the soul of the brand’s identity. Here’s a tiny column on how Kulsum Parvez branded her identity for being one of India’s best makeup artist.


We have all found ourselves in places where we either think that it is too late to pursue our dreams or that our dreams are just too “out there” for us to chase. Well, guess what, you are not alone. Working as an Air Hostess, Kulsum Parvez was miles away from her dream. She knew her passion lay in pursuing makeup artistry. She had days when she’d just think about leaving it all behind to pursue her true calling. But she’d convince herself to think “One day!” Even though she was good at what she did, she knew she didn’t belong there.

When the time was right, Kulsum chased her dreams with all her might. Kulsum’s journey of becoming the best makeup artist in India is a reminder to all the women and young entrepreneurs out there that it is never too late.


Today, Kulsum Parvez is known for her expert artistry in the makeup industry. She has come a long way and caters to celebrities and well-known personalities. It is, in fact, a matter of pride to maintain the identity without faltering throughout the journey; she knew her destination all too well! Not only is she good at what she does, she has also earned a reputation to be one to stay true to her principles.


Having worked with iconic brands like Elle, Vogue, etc and in projects, both national and international, Kulsum Parvez has grown to be a brand that assures young talents of the future that success lies ahead of perseverance and passion. Not only is it a brand, but it is also a testament to what happens when a person sets out to do what they do best with all their might.


This was her mantra all along. She knew where she was headed and she had to make sure she reached. Kulsum Parvez Studio today has catered to makeup needs for weddings, parties, events and the like all over the world. With growing demand, the brand seeks to break new boundaries. With an ever growing team and newer ambitions, Kulsum is all set to take any obstacle by the horns and to keep moving forward and to keep building her brand. There is not a grey cloud for the brand on the horizon.

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