Some quick tips to help you keep from making grave mistakes on your big day. Follow these to keep any last-minute mishaps from happening.

Don’t dye your hair last minute

If you plan on incorporating some streaks or a dash of color for your wedding day (temporary or permanent) DON’T DO IT LAST MINUTE. Make sure you have your hair dyed at least a month before your wedding day. Last minute prepping will only add to the problems. Give your hair some time to set and then hydrate your hair well and good for the day.

Research is good, but not too much of it

It is good to ask around and get some tips from friends and family. But it will only lead to confusion and stress to have too many opinions at hand. Consult your stylist for expert advice and stick to it without faltering.

Some other important pointers followed by experts

  • Don’t push your team around during makeup. Give them their sweet time to finish (for that you will have to plan accordingly in advance)
  • Say no to hair vitamins. It will help keep your hair lush and shiny for the day
  • Stay away from products that could make your hair too brittle for your dream hairdo. Keep it natural and simple.
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