The life of a male model is hard. Maintaining your physique and taking care of your features constantly is a big chore. Read on to figure out how to rock your photo shoots with simple products that project your desired look.

Cleanse your face thoroughly. Follow up with a mattifying primer. This will prevent your skin from looking oily and glossy.

Thinner based foundations will give even coverage without the heavy caked on the appearance of creamy ones.

Dark bushy brows don’t really look good if they are unruly. Tease the hair and even pluck it to create a careless yet defined look and gel it into place.

Male models are given preference over a strong jawline. No worries if you don’t for that’s nothing that a good bronzer can’t solve with a little contouring. Blend the lines into your neck as well to avoid the Tideline.

Add definition to the eyes with a clear mascara. Alternatively, dab the waterline with an eyebrow pencil to give a natural eyelash effect without making it look drawn out.

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