Not to sound like the “Did you know section” of the internet but did you know that there are simple makeup hacks to effortlessly pull of the look you desire any time any day? Read to find out…

  • Map your lipstick. Start by marking the outlines of your lips to get the structure right. Start with the outlines.
  • If you can’t do the prime don’t do the time. Use a primer before you get started with your eye makeup.
  • Mistakes during makeup application are common. Wipe off excess before the rest of the makeup is ruined.
  • Know your tools. Learn what brush goes for what makeup application and then start. Don’t start off with random picks.
  • Powder-based products for sultry, damp events and cream-based products for air-conditioned spaces. Know this!
  • Concealer should not be left to get caked on.
  • Use concealer for your eyelids not primer.
  • Layer your makeup well and add depth to your makeup.

Stop wondering and maybe spend some time in the “How to…” section of the internet to understand makeup application. However, these tips should suffice to understand the basics dos and don’ts of makeup.

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