Planning your makeup for the bid day? Well, here are some points that deserve to be brought to light. Follow them and have the perfect wedding with makeup that stands out.

Lip liners save lives

We know what you’re thinking. Lip liners aren’t a thing anymore. But it will help if you line your lips with the same color as the chosen lipstick. That way you have the line safely coating the lipstick from smudging out, but not visibly.

Take it slow and steady

Don’t rush your makeup. Plan your day and get better results. Plus it is best to stay stress-free during the best moment of your life and enjoy the whole process.

Dab off excess oil

Make sure you keep checking your makeup to see if it is turning greasy owing to your skin oil. Use a tissue to dab it away.

Waterproof all the way

It is always best to prefer waterproof makeup, irrespective of the location. It will last longer and is easier to carry. With normal makeup, the number of touch-ups is higher.

Layer your makeup

Add depth to your makeup. Start with a lighter layer of the basic outline (be it lipstick or eyeliner) and then add a confident stroke of a brighter coat. This will help define your makeup better and keep the makeup from becoming runny, smudgy owing to reapplication.

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