Day time reception makeup is a whole other ballgame. Unlike sensational evening reception events, these events are different. With bright light and a completely different atmosphere, you will have to play it right.

Prime your makeup

Give it a deeper classier look. Cleanse, tone and moisturize and apply makeup on the skin so smooth you will mistake it for a mirror.

Jazz up your eyeshadow game

But remember to keep it subtle so it doesn’t look caked on or too heavy for the day-look you are trying to achieve.

Lipstick – get the shade right

Make sure you don’t pick a dark shade. It might look overpowering. Stay in style but with a lighter palette.

Cream-based or powder-based

Get the base right. Choose the kind of makeup or the products in such a way that they suit the environment. For outdoors choose powder-based makeup and for indoor events choose cream-based makeup.

With these tips, you will look your best self and rock the reception stage with a bright yet graceful bridal look. A foolproof guide indeed!

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