Marrying the love of your life? Well, then the day will definitely carve a happy, warm niche in the hearts of all those who are going to be part of the special day. So it is only natural for all brides to want to look her best on a special day. So why settle for a normal MUA? If you find these qualities in an MUA, rest assured that you are in sure hands.

One who does their research, and does it well.

Go with an artist who plans your makeup with involvement. It takes a team to get the job done without hassles and confusion. So if you see your artist planning ahead or proposing ideas for you to look unique, then you are in the right place.

Make a checklist

Sure, it would take a while to shortlist from all the MUAs you have consulted. But make sure you cross-check and do your research before you finalize. Don’t rush into a decision based on deceptively low pricing or one who is fresh in the field. See if you recognize any of their works or if you can find a trusted resource. It is a good idea to ask before and after pictures of their works to see how much to work goes into creating their masterpiece.

Make sure communication is transparent

Ask about the payment breakdown and the charge for extra members, such as your sister(s), mother, and friends. Talk about everything that needs to be discussed. Put everything on the table for an open discussion. Decide on the location and check with what kinds of products are going to be used. Show them reference pictures if you have any particular look in your mind and check if they are comfortable in creating it. It is always good to ask for the suggestions, a great artist is someone who can create a great look which is best for you.

TIP: In order to be able to choose the perfect artist it is best to have a trial session. That is the best way to finalize without any second thoughts.

So choose the right artist and make your day simply fantastic, as you glow and flit around, the whole day, among loved ones.

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