The secret to looking younger lies in our eyes. We all have woken up after a sleepless night with puffy eyes and dark circles and looked like we aged overnight. When we go through the natural aging process and cross 40, our eyes are the first to show the signs. The right eye makeup can take off years from your face making you youthful and lively.

Invest in an eye primer besides your regular primer. This smoothens out the fine lines and creases in the lid and lower eye.

Glitter is for the young and restless(Sigh…). Settle for nude and matte shades that blend well into the skin and give a smooth finish. This will hide the lines and veins as the skin becomes thinner with age.

Avoid heavy eye make up with thick Eyeliners. Gel liners that can be dabbed into the lashes give a fuller effect. Check for waterproof gel liners so that they don’t wash off and mess your eyes.

Use mascara only on the upper lashes. Using them on the lower lashes will highlight the loose skin under the eye.

Now that you are glammed up and looking young, there come the time when you have to wipe the makeup off.  Do not rub the skin around your eyes vigorously. Be gentle and use a good quality makeup wipes or cleanser.


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